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Closing the Loop on May’s Lawyer of the Month

It appears that we closed the poll but forgot to announce the Lawyer of the Month for May 2011. That’s our bad. We’ve been so busy trying to keep up with all the bats**t crazy lawyers sprouting up in June that May 2011 feels like it took place in 2008.

But we don’t want to totally forget about the May Lawyer of the Month, because it gives us one more chance to honor a recent law graduate who might be doing everybody a world of good….

May’s winner is none other than Anna Alaburda. She’s the woman suing Thomas Jefferson School of Law, her alma mater, over its allegedly misleading employment statistics. It’s a big deal to even try, but if she wins (and she might win), it could really change what law schools have to tell prospective law students.

Funny, April’s Lawyer of the Month was also a recent law graduate. Now is the time when people should think critically about the value of the legal education they have received or hope to receive.

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