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Courtship Connection: Very Public Displays of Affection

I spent last week with a bunch of journos working from a beach house in the Outer Banks. I set my computer up in the house’s crow nest, blogging with a view of the ocean and a cool sea breeze. “Lunch hour” was spent playing in the waves. At night, we would make frozen drinks (summer cocktail recommendation: Jameson M&M milkshakes) and sit beneath the stars debating whether or not Anthony Weiner was cocky enough to send out that Twitter pic. This is perfect, I thought to myself.

But then late Tuesday night, it got even better, as I got to throw a little vicarious pleasure into the mix. At 10:10 p.m., my Droid buzzed with an email from a Courtship Connection couple I had sent to the Black Rooster pub earlier that night: “Full recap from us tomorrow but we have been making out all over Dupont!”

As regular readers know, that’s a rarity in this series. So what was it about this pairing that awakened the lawyers’ libidos?

I paired these two D.C. law students based on their commonalities: similar neighborhoods (Dupont and Logan Circle); favorite areas of law (she: Political Law; he: “Something national security-ish”); favorite Supreme Court justice (him: Kagan and her: Ginsburg); both Donkeys; and both hotties. It turns out they had even more commonalities than I realized. More on that later.

Asked for three words to describe themselves, our 30-something male law student said he was “not the usual type-A lawyer.” (Had he only hyphened that more creatively, he would have kept himself to the three-word limit.) And our 20-something female law student said, “My favorite color is potato.” (So she’s either got a quirky sense of humor or a mild mental retardation.)

In his morning-after report, Unusual Type-A Lawyer said:

So last night was pretty ridiculous.

Roll into the Black Rooster, she’s already there. Cute. Great legs. After a few drinks we’re both relaxing a little, so we upgrade to tequila shots. Brilliant.

Actually, that seems like a downgrade, but I’ll take it. In my experience, tequila shots are a pretty sure way to awaken the libido.

Ms. Potato Head sent me her write-up while still infused with Cuervo.

I’m writing this while still drunk so it will be more entertaining. A note for your readers — don’t take tequila shots the night before you start bar class. Tomorrow is going to suck.

Note to my readers: don’t take tequila shots on a first date, unless you’re trying to make an I-enjoy-casual-sex-and-STDs kind of first impression.

Anyway, I got to the bar a bit early since I live a few blocks away and it would be inexcusable to be late. He came in, good looking and tall (very rare in DC). Conversation flowed, although when he told me what he did before law school I came close to calling it a night (I usually stay away from military types).

I, for one, am glad the desire to throw some back overcame the desire to throw this one back.

I’m glad I didn’t. We kept talking, until he decided tequila shots were a good idea. Whoops. We left the bar and made moves to ESL [Ed. note for non-hip bar hoppers: Eighteenth Street Lounge] where he pulled an Annie Hall and went in for the kiss.

Visualizing this date just got harder. Tall, good-looking G.I. Joe morphed into Woody Allen in my mind at this point.

Our Unusual Type-A Lawyer/Woody Allen/Ex-Soldier says:

We relocate to ESL, chat about music (homegirl has terrific taste in music, and by that I mean she likes what I like), more shots, and somewhere in between Thievery Corporation and TVoTR [Ed. note for the non-hip music types: that’s TV on the Radio] we’re making out on the back porch. Stay classy DC. Great kisser.

Bounce to Public, where I begin to feel old, then promptly get over it as we make out some more.

Bar-hopping + tequila + PDA with a new friend = the fountain of youth.

Ms. Sexy Potato Head says:

Finally, it was time to call it a night. We are both taking Barbri at the same place which could make for a awesome/terrible summer (awesome if we keep this up and de-stress on the library stacks, awful if this goes to hell and I have to see him every day). Hopefully it’s the former.

He agrees:

Super fun night. And the best part is she’s doing bar prep with me. Potential for scandalous goings on at [the school] this summer. Who knew this whole barbri thing could be so much fun?

He wasn’t even drunk when he wrote that last sentence. If Courtship Connection makes two people’s bar exam prep a little bit “fun,” then the whole series was worth it, don’t you think? (Maybe we should set up some of the Bar Review Diaries writers on blind dates.)

Note to self: Make it a requirement that future Courtship Connection participants start their dates with a round of tequila shots.

Kash is an editor emeritus of Above the Law. She now spends her days at Forbes writing about privacy, technology and the law at The Not-So Private Parts. For a background on the creation of ATL Courtship Connection, see My Weird Hobby: Matchmaking Lawyers.

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