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Fictional Lawyer Madness: Regional Finals Part Two

I want the record to show that I tried. In our Fictional Lawyer Madness contest, I really tried to find a lot of female legal characters to put into the bracket. Of the 32 lawyers in the bracket, eight were female. One fourth is not a lot, but given the preponderance of male lawyer characters this was a good representation.

But here we are, just in the Elite Eight, and we’re down to only one woman. Hey, we all know that if ladies voted as a bloc (like African-Americans or NRA members), they’d be the most powerful force in American politics. And therefore we all know that women don’t vote as a bloc.

But are we really living in a world where Elle Woods is one of the few things women will rally around?

To refresh your memory, here is the bracket as it stands now. We are voting on the right side today. To go back and vote on the left side of the contest, click here.

The left side match-ups aren’t very close. Let’s see how the right side shakes out…

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