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Fictional Lawyer Madness: Round 1, Part 2

Tom Cruise

Denzel Washington

3) Daniel Kaffe (Tom Cruise; A Few Good Men)


6) Joe Miller (Denzel Washington; Philadelphia)

Now this would be a sexy match-up, if it was taking place in 1985. Still, this a a great contest. You should have seen Kaffe thunder away at Kendrick. And who else is going to stand in there against Denzel? You? You, Lt. Weinberg?

But Denzel is a formidable opponent. I know Tom Hanks gets all the accolades from this particular movie, and he did play a lawyer. But Denzel was playing the working hump of an attorney who had to take on an entire Biglaw firm over their discriminatory policies. And he also has to overcome his own disgusting homophobia. But I mean, the bit with the mirror and the sores? Brilliant.

Who is your favorite character?

  • Daniel Kaffe (55%, 741 Votes)
  • Joe Miller (45%, 609 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,349

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