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Fictional Lawyer Madness: Round 1, Part 2

Andy Griffith

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

1) Ben Matlock (Andy Griffith; Matlock)


8) Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson; Modern Family)

The Forget Me Not region was named as a catch-all. It was not an Alzheimer’s joke directed at Matlock. Though, Matlock is old of course. Really old. Like, “in my day we only had ten amendments and we were thankful to have them,” old. And his viewers are old. And his “poor country lawyer/crime solver” style is ridiculously old. Call me “old fashioned” but I really dislike it when lawyers solve crimes in the courtroom. If I want crime solving dramas, I’ll watch CSI: Katmandu or whatever city they’re up to now (note: I do not watch CSI). If I’m watching a lawyer show, I want to see the lawyers prove what they already suspect to be true, preferably in court. Using evidence and arguments of some kind.

But whatever, Matlock isn’t as old as Perry Mason, and he has as many beloved fans.

And he’s not gay, as far as we know. Mitchell Pritchett, the guy from Modern Family, is. That makes him the only openly gay practicing attorney character on this list, and one of the only ones (if not the only one) in television history. Why can’t lawyers be gay on TV? Why can’t the old razzle dazzle be a little more fabulous? Oh, and go back and watch the episode where Mitchell loses his job. It’s great.

Who is your favorite character?

  • Ben Matlock (63%, 795 Votes)
  • Mitchell Pritchett (37%, 472 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,267

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