Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.08.11

Yeah, but are bison community property in Wyoming?

* Just a little off the top: this prisoner is suing because Virginia won’t give her the kind of cut that she wants. [Wall Street Journal]

* There are probably more bison than gay people in Wyoming, but now the latter can get divorced there. All two of them. [ABA Journal]

* Bloggers from Garden State now have more limited coverage under the state’s press shield law. In true Jersey style, all the action in this case happened on a porn site. [Reuters]

* If I were the muse for this pro-life billboard, I’d be more embarrassed about dating the guy pictured than the abortion in question. He looks like he plays a lot of D & D. [Healthland / TIME]

* I’m usually a fan of toilet humor, but this lawsuit gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “dropping the kids off at the pool.” [Birmingham News]

* Now that real weed is legal in Connecticut, fake weed might be criminalized. The stoner-like logic of lawmakers knows no bounds. [NBC Connecticut]

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