Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.13.11

* Hey tinfoil hat wearers, when a televised moonwalk isn’t good enough, you probably don’t need a dead bin Laden photo. Suing the CIA and the DoD isn’t going to make you believe. [Daily Mail]

* Villanova Law’s administrators seem to have figured out that the best way to deal with scandal is to play a rousing game of Not-It. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

* The Supreme Court will soon rule on whether California minors can buy violent video games. Hey, kids have to learn how to creatively murder hookers sooner or later, so why not sooner? [UPI]

* Even alleged crackheads have Fourteenth Amendment rights. This one’s been approved to sue for $1.6M over his Ferrari. Don’t worry, this makes sense on Long Island. [New York Post]

* Crazy cat ladies can no longer be buried in New York pet cemeteries alongside their litters of “children.” This eHarmony girl is going to be pissed. [Wall Street Journal]

* Norman Redlich, Dean Emeritus of New York University School of Law, R.I.P. [New York Times]

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