Non-Sequiturs: 06.13.11

* Dr. Pepper drinkers apparently <3 double penetration. I guess that counts as fair use, right? At least most porn stars would agree. [Copyranter]

* It figures that a lawyer from New Jersey would be accused of head butting someone. This is the guy who could be evaluating your character and fitness, bar takers. [ABA Journal]

* Yes, boys, a lap dance is a taxable service according to the IRS. Think twice next time before billing one to a client. [TaxProf Blog]

* But speaking of taxes, if you’re wondering how to get tax deductions for your student loan interest, this is a pretty good start. [Taxgirl / Forbes]

* Indiana Tech is still going to start its own law school. Because clearly we need more law schools, especially in a state that already has four of them. [Constitutional Daily]

* Thanks to his sexting scandal, Anthony Weiner is getting his own action figure. Hopefully it has a kung-fu grip. [WPIX]

* And in other breaking bajayjay news, Octopussy was convicted today of insider-trading charges. [WSJ Law Blog]

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