Non-Sequiturs: 06.17.11

* Working in the Obama Administration is kind of like a feeder school for getting into Harvard Law School. I guess the hardest part really is getting in. [Law and More]

* Strangely, I feel sorry for this victim of bike theft. The police won’t be able to help; let’s help her get her bike back. [Village Voice]

* Still on the Law & Order front, I’m puzzled by people who act a fool in the streets and forget that we live in a world where cameras are everywhere. [New York Times]

* The McCourts have agreed on a way to decide who owns the Dodgers, assuming Major League Baseball still lets them own the Dodgers. [WSJ Law Blog]

* I really don’t think washing your mouth out with soap is the best medicine. []

* You want to talk about cruelty to cats? How about taunting a lioness with a delicious baby placed just out of reach?

Best YouTube clip you’ve seen in a while, after the jump…

Joking aside, zoos are freaking evil:

(hidden for your protection)

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