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An Update on Deidre Dare, Allen & Overy Associate Turned Aspiring Authoress

Deidre Dare

Last month, we reported on the latest adventures of Deidre Dare, the sexy expat lawyer who once worked in the Moscow office of Allen & Overy. Her London lawsuit against the firm was dismissed, but Dare is now suing A&O here in New York, seeking $35 million in punitive and compensatory damages.

In the same post, we mentioned that Dare was seeking to raise $25,000 to publish Expat, a book based on her time in Allen & Overy’s Moscow office. Dare described it as “a novel about a group of Westerners living and working in Moscow, Russia and their extravagant but dangerous lifestyle,” with a plot “inspired by a British Petroleum scandal that happened when I was there.”

Dare was trying to raise the $25K on Kickstarter, the popular website that serves as a fundraising platform for creative types with a surplus of ideas and a shortage of cash. Did she succeed?

Why yes she did! Over the weekend, Dare achieved (and even exceeded) her funding goal:

Congratulations, Deidre! I must admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about this project — trying to raise $25K from strangers over the internet is a tall order. But I should never have underestimated the resourcefulness of a Columbia Law grad who spent years living and working in Moscow (not a city for the faint of heart).

I reached out to Deidre Dare by email, to congratulate her on the successful fundraising and seek comment. She responded:

Thank you, David. A&O keeps trying to starve me out — and I keep finding ways to survive. They really have no idea how tenacious I can be, and I will ultimately get them because they’re a bunch of idiots. (I know that firsthand because I worked there — they can’t compare to American firms and they know it).

Ouch — that’s cold. But these days A&O may have bigger PR problems than an associate gone rogue.

If you’re eagerly anticipating Expat, you have a wait ahead of you. Deidre Dare (aka Deidre Clark) informs us that the book isn’t coming out until next year.

We suspect that Allen & Overy does not object to the delay.

ЭКСПАТ, n. Expat [Kickstarter]

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