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Caption Contest Winners: Living in a Van, Down by the River

Remember this picture?

Last month, we asked for possible captions, and after narrowing the field to our top ten finalists, we have declared the winners….

You voted on ten captions. If you’re interested in checking out the two runners-up (and if you want to see if your caption is one of them), CLICK HERE to find out.

Our first place winner’s caption suggests a new category for the Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s own Judging the Law Schools rankings:

Newest Cooley rankings category: family networking support.

As of February of this year, Cooley ranked itself as the second best law school in the entire country. I hope that some members of the Cooley administration are reading Above the Law today, because this new category might just give them the kick they need to surpass Harvard.

Congratulations to all of our winners! If you were selected as one of our top three, you’ve won a much-coveted Above the Law t-shirt. Please email us your details (name, address, t-shirt size) so we can send you your prize.

And we haven’t forgotten about you, sandwich-board-job-ad-wood-restoration-truck girl. It’s been two weeks — do you have a job yet? We hope you’ve found one. And if not, your dad seriously needs to improve his handwriting.

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Caption Contest Finalists: Living in a Van, Down By the River

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