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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Seriously Guys, This Blogging Thing Might Have Legs

If you are lawyer who is looking for a career change, you really might want to give blogging a try. You won’t make as much money as you would in a Biglaw job. You probably won’t make as much as you would working for a well-respected small law firm.

But money isn’t everything. Take it from me. Or Lat. Or Staci. For instance, right now I’m sitting in my backyard, my dog is curled up by my feet, and I have a fresh pot of coffee. Once I turn the ringer off on my phone (so I can’t hear my creditors calling), it’s a pretty good life. Beat that with a stick.

And it is with that in mind that we welcome another former lawyer to the Breaking Media fold. Check below to meet the new writer for our sister site, Dealbreaker

As you might have heard over the weekend, Dealbreaker hired a new editor. His name is Matt Levine and he comes to the Breaking Media family after a stint at Goldman Sachs.

Here’s his introductory post on Dealbreaker.

What his Dealbreaker introduction doesn’t tell you is that working at Goldman was Matt’s second career (making blogging his third — never let anybody tell you that it’s too late to start over). Before Goldman, Matt was a lawyer at Wachtell Lipton. Before that he graduated from Yale Law School.

(A continuing escalation of prestige: Yale Law School –> Wachtell Lipton –> Goldman Sachs –> Dealbreaker. Where can Matt go next?)

Before law school, Matt was in my class at Harvard College. Or maybe I was in his — he had the highest GPA in our class. And I’ve lost money to him betting that I would get a higher LSAT score than he did. And then I doubled down that I would get a higher raw score on the New York bar exam than he did. Yeah, we kind of have a friendly rivalry: he’s done better at the “success” things, I’ve kicked his ass when it comes to “enjoying life.”

Until now, so let’s hope he crashes and burns, because really this is pretty much all I have left.

Just kidding; I’m also much stronger than he is.

In any event, would you too like to get in on this “blogging” thing? I’m telling you, there’s a better than zero chance that this profession isn’t one great big fad. Keep any eye out; there are always opportunities for young lawyers looking to try new things to join us on the internet.

UPDATE (3:40 PM): For example, are you an in-house lawyer? We are currently looking for a second in-house lawyer to write a column for us.

And give our new colleague at Dealbreaker a warm, Above the Law welcome.

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