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Celebrity Summer Associate: An International Pop Music Star

When a law student is described as a “rock star,” this usually means she has a high-ranking position on law review and is going to clerk for the D.C. Circuit. The closest most lawyers get to rock stardom is playing Rock Band (a favorite pastime of Elie and Kash; I can’t quite get the hang of it).

Well, what if we told you that a real international pop star is in law school now? And that she’s currently summering at a well-regarded boutique law firm in Chicago?

Meet the latest profile subject in our series on celebrity summer associates. We’ve previously written about a star athlete, a noted actor, and the child of a Supreme Court justice.

Now let’s meet a pop-star princess, shall we?

As it turns out, ATL readers, we’ve already met her! Her name is Nikki Lee, and we’ve covered her before. You can read more about Nikki Lee in two prior posts, both by Kash:

Nikki Lee

To recap, Nikki Lee is currently a law student at Northwestern. Back in her native Korea, she’s known as So-eun Lee — and she’s a huge celebrity. When she got into Northwestern Law, it made national headlines.

So where’s Nikki Lee working this summer? At a firm that’s also no stranger to ATL’s pages: Edelson McGuire, in Chicago.

As you may recall, Edelson McGuire is the firm with an awesome website, which ATL small-firm columnist Valerie Katz praised as “a standout.” This is also the firm that gives away iPads like candy, to both lawyers and staff.

How is Nikki’s summer there going thus far? Quite well, according to one attorney at the firm:

Korean pop star Nikki Lee from Northwestern is one of our summer associates. She is beyond nice, intelligent, and super-personable.

Nikki is also a really good sport about her celebrity. She lost a bet, and had to do a mini-concert for the firm. It started as joke, but she was amazing.

Good luck with the rest of your summer, Nikki! It sounds like you’ll get an offer (knock on wood) — but if you don’t, international stardom isn’t a bad fallback option.

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