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Judge of the Day: Lady Likes To Take Pictures of Men Peeing. What’s Wrong With That?

Judge Rhonda Hollander

We mentioned this in yesterday’s Morning Docket, and still you emailed. We mentioned it again in Non-Sequiturs, and still the tips kept coming. Well, fine. By popular demand, here is a full post on the Florida judge who stands accused of photograping a guy peeing in the men’s bathroom.

The Honorable Rhonda Hollander is a traffic court judge. But she seems to have a pretty interesting hobby. She was arrested last week for allegedly taking out her cell phone and snapping pictures of a man peeing in the bathroom. A courthouse police officer tried to stop her from taking these photos.

And that’s when things got weird….

Full disclosure: I write this story as a man who does not take pictures of his penis. I see it every day, I don’t need anything for posterity. But I know there are guys out there who would open their stance and “turn into it” if a woman busted into the bathroom with a camera.

Those guys are not really going to understand why this is a story, but maybe the next little allegation will hold their attention. According to reports, Judge Hollander is a biter. From the Daily News:

Police were summoned and quickly located Hollander, who admitted taking the pictures.

But the judge refused to surrender her cell phone, insisting “it was a public restroom and that she was not breaking any kind of laws,” the report said.

Hollander then started snapping pictures of the arresting officer – and bit his finger when he pointed at her and ordered the judge to stop shooting, the report said.

I’ve always suspected that everybody involved in traffic enforcement was deviant in some way. But if this story is true, Judge Hollander might have some serious phallic issues. Come on — taking pictures of men in the bathroom, and biting fingers placed in her chompable area? I’d be fascinated to see what this lady would do with a radar gun.

In any event, a male judge accused of snapping pictures in the women’s restroom would probably be lying somewhere under a bus by now. We’ll see what kind of gender equality is dispensed in this case.

Florida traffic court judge Rhonda Hollander arrested for taking cell phone pics of man at urinal [Daily News]

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