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Law License Plates: Cruising Credentials

It’s been a while since our last post on law-related vanity license plates. If you’re a fan of the Law License Plates series and you’d like to see more, please send in your photos via email (subject line: “Vanity License Plate”).

This submission comes to us all the way from California. Apparently the people out there are so laid-back that they’re willing to freely offer up reasons to key their cars and slash their tires.

You better leave a good tip for the valet, especially when this is your license plate….

This picture was spotted over the weekend by a guest at the nuptials of two attorneys — which means that there were probably some other lawyerly license plates that our tipster missed out on.

Do people really feel the need to brag about their academic credentials on their license plates? Fine, I admit it: I once thought about getting a vanity plate that said “SAZ ESQ” (clearly that plan isn’t working out so well). Instead, I’ve settled for a good old law school decal. I guess this potentially prestigious pair didn’t want to mar their rear windshield with a tacky display of school spirit.

This poor little Mercedes S500 looks like it could have been a prime candidate for the vigilante justice of Ronald Clarke Mattson. I imagine that he would have been terribly offended by the credentialed couple’s sheer audacity, à la “What, no LLM, dweebs!!”

If more characters could fit on a license plate, a better vanity tag for this Benz would’ve been: 1PHD1JD2DOUCHES4SLSHEDTIRES.

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