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Legal Technology Leadership Summit: Golfing Isn’t Just For Doctors

When they asked me “Do you golf,” I naturally responded with “You know I’m not bad, and I love the FaceGen technology, but my swing seems to have a natural fade that I can’t correct for unless I line up the controller exactly right, and that’s frustrating.”

Much to my surprise, they weren’t asking me about Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. They were talking about real golf. Played outdoors. I don’t even know where they set up the Kinect, but apparently we have the technology to do this now.

And we will be golfing at the Legal Technology Leadership Summit on Amelia Island from September 6 – 8. Click here to attend the conference, and here for more information on the golf outing. Here’s how the festivities were explained to me:

Don’t worry if you’re not a good golfer, or even if you’ve never played before. Each foursome will be comprised of 3 actual golfers (an A, B and C player) and a fourth player whose sole duties will be to drive a golf cart and putt. This will let those non-golfers who don’t want to miss out on the fun a chance to participate without embarrassment (and without the expense of golf shoes!).

The first group will go off shortly after noon on Tuesday, September 6.

Well, my sole duty will be to end up with the coolest foursome at the event. It’s not illegal to drink while driving a golf cart, right?

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