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More Drama From Albany Law School: Another Side to the Story

Well, it’s day three of Albany Law School Watch here at Above the Law. This school is definitely on the outskirts of our usual beat, but the craziness keeps rolling in, so we’re going with it.

If you haven’t been keeping up, it seems that Albany Law decided to replace almost all of its admissions office staff. Shortly after our initial story broke, the administration emailed students to inform them about the resignation of the law school’s assistant dean for admissions.

Our sources questioned whether that resignation was voluntary — and claimed that the admissions office staff members in question were escorted from the building by security, late last week.

It seems that alumni from the law school are upset, and some believe that our decision to run this story was premature because we didn’t have all of the facts. Interestingly enough, we’ve received information that provides another side to the story unfolding at Albany Law.

If you thought there was drama before, read on, because sh*t (on the rug) just got real….

The outpouring of love for Gail Bensen, Albany Law School’s former Assistant Dean for Admissions, has been enormous. Commenters (from Albany Law) and tipsters (also from Albany Law) have lauded Bensen’s kindness, qualifications, and dedication to the law school.

Gail S. Bensen, former Assistant Dean for Admissions at Albany Law

But apparently some may have secretly resented Bensen. Some were happy that she had finally been “knocked off her pedestal,” as one commenter put it. A source alleges that Bensen was in former Dean Thomas Guernsey’s pocket during her tenure at Albany Law:

The inside scoop is that Gail Bensen was the former secretary of Dean Guernsey and does not even have a college degree. She stabbed her best friend in the back (former Dean of Admissions) to get the job and is not qualified. And now that the Dean is leaving, she has no one left to protect her, so resignation was the only escape.

So Albany Law’s previous Assistant Dean for Admissions allegedly doesn’t have a college degree. Having a college degree sounds like a pretty important requirement for a position in higher education, don’t you think? If the allegation is true, I guess that’s strike one against Bensen.

What’s strike two? Well, when your personal watchdog up and leaves, your own pooch might be a little bit screwed.

Our source had some opinions and allegations about the work environment in the Albany Law admissions office:

And yes, the work environment was very hostile and unprofessional, which included an assistant’s dog sh*tting on the carpet.

Sh*tting the bed with regard to Albany Law’s admissions statistics is one thing, but letting a dog sh*t on the carpet is quite another. Three strikes and you’re out, Bensen?

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