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Law License Plates: Say It Loud, We’re Lawyers and We’re Proud

Our last post on law-related vanity license plates was about two weeks ago. We’re always looking for more photos, so if you’re a fan of the Law License Plates series, please send some in via email (subject line: “Vanity License Plate”).

Today, we are writing about legal professionals who are so proud of what they do that they’ve slapped their titles on their license plates. If this isn’t an invitation to get rear-ended, then I don’t know what is. These submissions come to us from New York, Ohio, and Tennessee, proving that stupid lawyer tricks know no bounds across state lines.

Let’s take a look at what these legal eagles are advertising on their license plates, shall we?

Since we’re featuring three plates in this edition of Law License Plates, we’ll go through them in descending order of douchiness. First to approach the bench is from Ohio:

A judge in a Nissan Altima? That’s less than prestigious, to say the least. Our tipster seems to think this car may belong to a federal appellate judge or a municipal court referee. I’ll go with the latter. Either way, the owner probably gets to detail the car a lot, what with all of the eggings it sees. At least he’s getting good gas mileage.

Our next submission was seen on the streets of New York:

Spotted up near Columbia University, this South Carolina transplant is the epitome of tool-i-tude. Driving your Mustang with the top down in that neighborhood isn’t the most intelligent thing to do. Driving your Mustang in that neighborhood and declaring that you are OUTSTANDING is even worse. The only thing that’s OUTSTANDING here is the number of times the owner likely shouts: “My car got keyed again!”

Our final entry is pretty offensive, in more ways than one. All the way from Tennessee:

Can you say gunner? This plate was spotted in the Nashville School of Law parking lot. I’ve actually never heard of that school before, so I wasn’t exactly surprised to find out that it isn’t accredited by the ABA. Apparently you can attend this bastion of higher education at an insanely low cost, so it’s no wonder that this person can afford to drive a BMW. Your classmates probably hate you.

So lawyers, you might want to stop advertising your profession on your license plates. Maybe in the future, some nerd will think up a way that these plates violate an ethical rule. Until then, the Law License Plates series will live on, so please continue being a-holes for our entertainment.

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