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Lawyer of the Day: A Renaissance Man Who Might Like Naked Sword Fights

En garde, esquire!

Ladies, admit it. Sometimes you dream of going back in time to the days where damsels in distress were rescued by swashbuckling romantics on noble steeds. But in today’s day and age, there seems to be a shortage of heroic knights. And that’s mostly because the crop of men with swords handy leave certain things to be desired — things like good looks, social skills, and the ability to refrain from speaking in Elvish.

But when we heard about Terry Lee Locy, a Florida lawyer educated at the University of Miami School of Law, we thought that maybe this self-described “popular young gentleman known for his quick wit and his athletic physique” could assist his sword-wielding brethren. After all, the last guy we wrote about who was into medieval attire and sharp objects has been accused of murder.

But alas, Terry Locy will be unable to act as the great redeemer for this generation’s battalion of renaissance men. Facing counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence battery, he could be sent to his kingdom’s dungeon for up to five years.

Why? Because he’s accused of challenging his girlfriend to a naked duel….

That’s not exactly the kind of romantic overture we’d expect from a man with a Ph.D. in medieval history. Florida Today has more information on the allegations against Locy:

Terry Lee Locy

According to an arrest affidavit, Locy and his live-in girlfriend were arguing early Wednesday morning about his “drinking in excess.” Locy then grabbed a mirror off a door and “raised it up as if he was attempting to strike” her, Agent Pamela Hibbs of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office wrote in the affidavit.

That’s when the girlfriend grabbed the hook that the mirror had been hanging on and flung it toward Locy, who suffered a cut to his head.

After showering, a nude Locy handed a sheathed sword to his girlfriend and said, “You’re going to need this,” the court document states.

Locy then retrieved a larger sword, pulled it from the sheath and told her, “I’m going to kill you,” the affidavit says.

That’s pretty aggressive. But, as Locy proclaims in his very own attorney bio (via South Florida Lawyers), he is well-known for “possess[ing] an energetic, articulate, innovative, but most importantly, an intensely aggressive style of litigation that often leaves his opponents fuming and courtroom onlookers entertained and wanting more.” It looks like someone forgot to mention to him that court appearances don’t double for jousting matches these days.

And getting back to the point, has this man no sense of honor? Locy allegedly had two swords unsheathed when he attempted to do battle against his girlfriend. That’s a little unfair. But if what they say about Asian men is true, maybe his girlfriend really did have the upper hand.

Perhaps Locy is taking his Esquire title a little bit too seriously, but that might be what happens when you have one stein of ale too many on a Wednesday morning.

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