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Bad News for a Chicago-Area Lawyer Accused of Murder for Hire

Jason Smiekel

Last month, federal law enforcement officials accused an Illinois attorney, Jason W. Smiekel, of trying to put a hit out on a former client — who also happened to be the ex-husband of Smiekel’s fiancée. That’s quite an allegation, isn’t it?

And that’s not the end of the story. Some sources blamed this fiancée — a very beautiful woman, described to us by a tipster as a “hot hot hot blonde” (“HHHB”) — for the downfall of Jason Smiekel, ruining his marriage and taking him from a successful career in law to a life outside it. But others came to her defense, describing HHHB and Smiekel as “very much in love, and good people.”

Alas, if they are in love, their love may have to wait, thanks to the latest bad news for Jason Smiekel….

Jason Smiekel, who has pleaded not guilty, moved to be released on bail. The hearing took place yesterday, September 19. After hearing argument, the court denied Smiekel’s motion.

Smiekel, who has been detained since last month, moved for revocation of the court’s previously issued detention order. Here’s what he argued, as summarized by Judge Frederick J. Kapala:

In support of the instant motion, defendant takes issue with two of this court’s previous rulings. First, he argues that the government has not proven that no set of release conditions will reasonably assure the safety of any other person and the community. Second, he argues that this is not a case in which the government is authorized to seek detention because the crime set forth in § 1958 is not a “crime of violence.”

Section 1958 is the federal murder-for-hire statute. Arguing that murder-for-hire isn’t a crime of violence is like arguing that ordering bacon doesn’t harm the pig — an argument that didn’t fly before Judge Kapala.

P.S. Speaking of Illinois attorneys in trouble with the law, does anyone have updates on Reema Bajaj, the lovely lawyer accused of prostitution?

United States v. Smiekel: Order Denying Pretrial Release
[U.S. District Court for the District of Illinois]
United States v. Smiekel: Government’s Opposition to Releasing Smiekel on Bond
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