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Best Way To Brag About An Offer: Now With Pictures

Last week, we told you the story about a University of Chicago Law School student who received an offer and found a charitable way of bragging about it to his friends.

I should have known that we’d end up doing a series of posts about this. “Bragging” about getting an offer is something that everybody does in their own way, and something that rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

And so our next installment of law student puffery involves photos, which is always fun. But in truth we can’t be totally sure if this guy is bragging about getting an offer.

Given the firm the kid is bragging about, he might just be happy to be there…

The student in question goes to Cardozo. Here’s a photo he uploaded to his Facebook profile, with the status “DONE.” I’ve decapitated him to protect his identity:

Between this photo and the “DONE” status update, it sure seems like this guy was trying to brag to all his friends that he got a job at Kirkland & Ellis. And maybe he did. If so, mazel tov.

But, remember, it’s entirely possible that this Cardozo student was just happy to be in the building. Maybe he thought that nobody would believe him unless he took this photo? “Done,” in this context could me that he successfully got his picture taken there before being ejected from the building.

Of course, I think he did get an offer because this is exactly the kind of douchey, Kool-Aid drinking behavior they seem to screen for at K&E. Offer or no, this guy took a picture with a Kirkland sign. Who does that? What kind of gigantic corporate boot-licker takes a picture with the branding of a law firm?

The mystery of why this offeree took his picture with the sign of Kirkland & Ellis holds the key to explaining the entire firm culture and the feverish devotion of its associates. Do the letters morph into a naked woman? Is somebody holding a gun just off camera? We may never know why this Cardozo student took this picture.

But we can be pretty sure of why he posted it to Facebook. Nice way to tell all your friends that you will be doing well regardless of their suffering.

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