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Caption Contest: Money to Burn?

Some say that the only people going to law school these days are the ones who have got both time and money to burn. At the end of three years, some will leave law school with the stark realization that their hopes and dreams have gone up in flames — figuratively, of course.

But apparently, someone took that phrase literally at a law school in Virginia.

Here’s the photo for our latest caption contest….

And boom goes the dynamite:

This photo was taken across the street from George Mason University School of Law, where the car in question spontaneously burst into flames. Although the driver wasn’t a law student, we suspect that the car may have been named Christine and performed this ritualistic self-immolation in protest of the school’s fancy new grade of A+*.

Same rules as always: Submit possible captions in the comments. Please try to be funny. We’ll choose our favorites — with preference given to those with a legal bent — and then let you vote for the best one.

Please submit your entries by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, at 11:59 PM (Eastern time). Thanks!

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