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Caption Contest Winner: What Can You Do With a Fordham Law Degree?

Two weeks ago, we asked our readers to submit possible captions for this photo:

Last week, you voted on the finalists, earlier today, Fordham made it harder for homeless people to eat, and now we have finally crowned a winner….

Before we announce the winner, we should give some praise to our second-place finisher:

His net worth is $150,000 higher than that of a Fordham Law grad.

Because when a homeless man has more tangible assets than you do, you should probably reconsider your career goals. And speaking of careers, here’s the caption that our readers selected as the winner:

“Does redeeming plastic bottles collected from street trash bins count as ‘employed upon graduation’?”

Earning five cents a pop is more than some recent law school graduates can even dream of right now (except on Craigslist in Boston). Not only would he be considered “employed upon graduation,” but he’d probably be making it rain hail in comparison to his classmates.

Congratulations to our winner! If your caption was selected, you’ve won a much-coveted Above the Law t-shirt. Please email us your details (name, address, t-shirt size) so we can send you your prize.

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Caption Contest: What Can You Do With a Fordham Law Degree?

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