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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Dictator?

With the legal economy in the toilet, the morale in career services offices has reached an all-time low.

They all know that law school graduates are getting sick and tired of putting the “bar” in barista. They all know that law school graduates living the legal grind are busy serving lattes.

Well aware of these facts, the career services brigade at one highly-ranked law school decided that it was time to put their heads together and come up with a way to make career alternatives look exciting and new….

A tipster from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law informed us that the school’s career services office put out a new publication this summer for students interested in alternative careers.

The people at the career services office there know that Cuba has more to offer than just cigars and espresso, so the Handbook, available here, suggests an interesting career path that one might pursue:

An alternative career can be the correct choice for many law students and graduates. The choice to enroll in law school does not mean that you have to be a lawyer. Whether you put your legal training to active use or not, there are numerous opportunities for people with law degrees. By examining the possibility of following a different career path than most, you may find yourself in a job that better suits your skills and interests.You have a variety of career options; explore them!

The following individuals have law degrees but followed different paths. There is hope for alternative career seekers after all …

Fidel Castro — Dictator

Our tipster noted that “at the U of A, with the job situation so bleak, it is apparently easier to become a dictator than it is a lawyer.” With a law degree from the University of Arizona, you, too, can become a Communist leader.

And hey, if you turn out to be anything like Castro, at least you’ll have great job security.

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