Life's a Blitsch, and then you die.

* “If you love me you’ll pass this bill.” Sorry, Obama, but even the Democrats are busy washing their hair on this one. How about we pass a resolution like this instead? I’d totally love Obama for that. [New York Times]

* What’s with town clerks in New York and gay marriage licenses? If you refuse to do your job, you shouldn’t be forced to resign, you should be fired. Proskauer’s nicer than me, though. [Thomson Reuters News & Insight]

* Gary Giordano, the man accused of killing his swinging gal pal in Aruba, has hired a new attorney. Apparently Jose Baez is now the go-to guy for defendants with shady pasts and even shadier alibis. [Daily Mail]

* “Leicester, you are not the father!” If only this had happened on an episode of Maury. Lawyer Leicester Stovell’s paternity suit against LeBron James has been dismissed. [The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times]

* The Blitsch is back, and she’s got Gloria Allred on her side to file a motion to dismiss. Why? Because all women should have the right to embarrass ex-lawyerly lovers online. [New York Post]

* A case of puff puff politics? You know what, if they gave out free pot before every major election, I bet a lot more people would register to vote. [CNN]

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7 thoughts on “Morning Docket: 09.15.11

  1. Mattitude says:

    H. Res. 365 would never pass because we as a nation bail out those who irresponsible, anything proactive is socialism.

  2. Guest says:

    Partner Emeritus is lacing up his boogie shoes and Obama is now ready to juice up the economy.  He was just shadow boxing for the past three years.  Now he is ready to rumble.

  3. Anon says:

    I appreciate the boob pics first thing in the morning, but can you please use pics with real boobs?


  4. Guest says:

    That dude’s rack gives Elie’s a run for its money.

  5. Guesty Guesterson says:

    Look at the strained tendons in her neck and the intensity in her eyes hiding behind that blank smile.  It’s like she’s pouring all her effort and concentration into looking that bad.

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