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Students Making Fun of Biglaw Interviewer Overheard By MOST OF THE AIRPORT

Every couple of years, people need to be reminded not to have private conversations in public spaces. Who could forget Acela Bob, the Pillsbury partner who talked about firing people on a crowded train?

University of Virginia law students, that’s who. Yes, we have another installment of: when popping your collar goes real wrong. On the way back to Charlottesville from New York City, a group of UVA Law students were waiting for their flight out of LaGuardia. They started talking about how their callback interviews went. They started talking loudly.

And others were listening….

I just wanted to take a pause there so the UVA students who did not participate in this LGA bitch session can look around and see who looks and smells like they just soiled themselves. We noted earlier today our rules about naming law students. And we’ll stick to that here. But man, these kids referred to Biglaw partners by name while they were talking smack. People have ears, guys.

And Google. As our tipster explains:

I was transiting through Laguardia airport, and was at a gate, surrounded by 4 young individuals (2 male, 2 female). It quickly became apparent that they were UVA law students, in NYC to interview for jobs. Their conversation was really quite animated, and audible to anyone within the immediate vicinity, as the gate was fairly empty for their flight to Charlottesville (I was waiting for a later flight).

One particular student mentioned interviewing at a firm, and specifically named a “screener” at said firm. His description of the individual and his interaction with him was less than flattering – culminating with calling the screener “a total asshole.” And … “it was charlie what’s his name? … oh, gillum.”

A quick google search confirmed Charlie [Gilman] at Cahill, a hiring partner.

Sitting across from the UVA law student, I even snapped a picture of him with my iphone.

Idiots. There’s no other word for these people. Freaking idiots. The tipster sent us the picture, but we’re not going to publish it. Never say that I “hate” UVA Law students.

Why are these kids talking crap about any hiring partner at all in this economy? And having that conversation in an airport would be the dumbest thing ever, except they also decided to refer to this guy by name. Absolute, total idiots.

Now, here’s an interesting question. What is Charlie Gilman of Cahill supposed to do now? He likely interviewed more than one guy from UVA, so he doesn’t know which one had such poor judgment that he was talking s**t about him in a public airport. But can Gilman risk hiring that guy? Does he just ding the whole UVA Law contingent? I mean, there were four UVA kids there, and the other three didn’t tell their boy to shut the hell up.

It’s just hard to believe that these kids could be so irresponsible, not only to themselves, but to their entire school. Our tipster added:

Incidentally, I had run across a adjunct professor (Georgetown) of mine at the gate (DCA-Laguardia … he was returning on the same plane). It’s NYC … lawyers are everywhere … the lack of discretion was pretty appalling to me…

I had thought of messaging Charles [Gilman] himself with it, but I think I’ll give this kid a pass as a juvie, and hope he doesn’t further risk sabotaging his job prospects by openly dissing hiring partners in public areas (as prior military – I compare it to the McCrystal rule – we all know servicemembers complain about superior officers, you just know that you do it in private, certainly not in the presence of reporters, and to your own peers – not in the presence of junior officers, certainly not to other senior officers).

Again, as a public service announcement, do not have private conversations in public. I’d say, “you never know who’s listening,” but that’s not the most accurate thing to say. It’s more accurate to say, “somebody is most definitely listening and that someone probably has a smart phone and knows how to contact ATL.”

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