Bar Exams, Utah

The UNOFFICIAL Utah Bar Exam Results

Is there anybody out in Above the Law land who took the bar in Utah this summer?

Anybody want to know if they passed?

Last year, the New York Board of Law Examiners accidentally released the results of the summer test earlier than they meant to. They tried to take the post down, but Above the Law caught them and posted the results. It crashed the site.

Hopefully, there aren’t enough prospective lawyers in Utah to do that to us. But it appears that the examiners in Utah have made a similar error.

And once again, an Above the Law tipster was watching….

Remember, these results are unofficial. Here’s what the Utah Bar is saying about the screw up:

Any results you have seen were unofficial and I cannot verify whether or not they were accurate. The results have not been officially posted. You will know the link is official if you can access it through a link on the homepage.

Yes, yes, yes, we know this game. It was first pioneered by the Wizard of Oz when he said, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

So the results are unofficial, and there’s another catch. Bar takers are referred to by their number, not their name. So you’ll have to go back and look that up if you want to find out if you passed.

Otherwise, have at it Utah. Some of you will be hoping these results hold up when Utah decides to release them (which will probably be pretty soon, since they now appear to be out and stuff). Others will be hoping this is all one big hoax.

Best of luck. Don’t say Above the Law only cares about the coasts. Click through the slide show to find your number.

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