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An Inside Look at the Skadden Annual Review Process

(2009 rating was “Meets Expectations”): 2010 rating – [ ].
Chargeable Hours: 773 hours for 2009; 696 actual YTD hours through 10/31/10.
Docket: [Regulatory filings] and advice.
Evaluations: [Partners] provided evaluations and generally rated INCOHERENT GUY “meets expectations,” with some “below expectations” and a few “deficient” ratings. [Two partners] indicated that they are “accepting” to have INCOHERENT GUY work with them in the future
Strengths: [One partner] wrote: “INCOHERENT GUY has improved in responding to emails when he is out of the office. I wouldn’t call it a strength, but it is definitely an improvement.” ….
Weaknesses: [One partner] noted that he “sometimes [has] trouble understanding INCOHERENT GUY’s advice, meaning I am not quite able to always follow his train of thought when discussing a particular matter” and that he is “not always able to get a quick response” from [him] even on time sensitive matters. With regard to [his work on a specific project, one partner] noted that “INCOHERENT GUY’s oral and written comments were often incoherent. Also, sometimes [he] did not appear up to the time critical tasks at hand.” I found [his] “enthusiasm lacking.” [One partner] cited INCOHERENT GUY’s lack of proactivity and the need to constantly push him to be sure things are getting done. [One partner] further noted that INCOHERENT GUY’s “energy and willingness to take on extra work and push through due to client needs also are far below expectations.”
Additional Training: No comments.
Firm Affiliation: No comments.
Partnership Potential: [Three partners] all said “none.”
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