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An Inside Look at the Skadden Annual Review Process

(2009 rating was NA – was on Side Bar: 2010 rating – [ ]
Chargeable Hours: 240 actual hours for 2009 (Side Bar); 250 actual YTD hours through 10/31/10.
Docket: INCOMPETENT GUY has done some document review work, but generally is difficult to employ. He has been asked to leave the Firm by year-end.

Practice pointer: check email recipients before sending.

So there you have it: a detailed look at the annual review process at Skadden. Although some people in the department were upset when a partner accidentally emailed all of these evaluations to everyone in the department — and understandably so, given the confidential nature of the reviews — the process seems to work well.

Associates and counsel appear to be evaluated fairly, by a variety of their colleagues, based on the quality of their work. Office politics do not seem to play a major role in evaluations. And, thanks to the partner’s email blunder, the process certainly is transparent!

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