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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Buckeye Edition

Not surprisingly, we’ve noticed a sharp uptick in same-sex weddings in the NYT since New York legalized gay marriage this summer. If you’re planning your own same-sex celebration, don’t miss this article on “Dressing Two Grooms.” Apparently lesbians are on their own.

Although we don’t have any gay finalists this week, we’ve unintentionally chosen a slate of opposite-sex finalists that looks like a United Colors of Benetton ad campaign. Here are our fabulously diverse contestants:

Mayumi Kawashima and Darius Kharabi
Adiya Dixon and Erin Wiggins
Darpana Sheth and Gregg Nunziata

You can find the juicy details on these couples, plus pictures, after the jump….

Mayumi Kawashima and Darius Kharabi

The Case:
– This swoon-worthy groom was magna cum laude at Georgetown and has a law degree and an MBA from Stanford. He works as the director of program management a medical device company.
– His lovely bride, an NYU graduate, is beginning studies for a master’s in nursing at UCLA.
– LEWW adores the name Darius — exotic enough to be romantic and exciting, but not so exotic that your grandparents can’t pronounce it.

The Case Against:
– Darius loses points for non-use (or at least under-use) of his JD. Also, “medical device company” sounds shady.

Adiya Dixon and Erin Wiggins
(Buy them a pepper grinder.)

The Case:
– This happy-looking couple sports twin JDs from Columbia. She graduated from Yale; he went to undergrad at Case Western Reserve, from which he also has a master’s in bioethics.
– They’ve taken a bunch of content off their website, but we preserved it (because we’re looking out for y’all). Here’s their account of their meeting:

2005. Fall. A young girl in a pair of cowboy boots sits in her first year contracts class at Columbia behind a really tall kid from Ohio. He has all the answers, and, she notices, a deep booming voice and broad, manly shoulders. She’s intrigued and wonders where exactly Ohio is anyway. (“Is that still a state, even?”)

Alrighty then. If you need to see more of this pair, you can watch random videos of their wedding reception on YouTube. Click here if you’d like to learn more about Ohio, including “where exactly [it] is anyway.”
– She’s an associate at Debevoise, and he’s doing IP litigation at Paul Weiss.

The Case Against:
– Speaking of names, Erin’s parents lose points for not being able to spell “Aaron.” (But tragically, it seems they’re not alone.)

Darpana Sheth and Gregg Nunziata
(Buy them a pillowcase.)

The Case:
– This bride, who graduated from Penn and Georgetown Law, is a staff attorney at the libertarian Institute for Justice. LEWW graced the intern room at IJ for a summer back in the day, and other than the co-worker who thought riding the Metro made you a socialist, it was a great place.
– Gregg-with-three-gs graduated from Georgetown and has a JD from the University of Chicago. He’s a counsel to the chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee.

The Case Against:
– This couple is also on YouTube (is this a new trend, youngsters?). Here, you can view some of Darpana and Gregg’s pre-wedding events, full of lovely Indian attire and awkward white people.

The Verdict:
It comes down to Biglaw’s Team Dixon-Wiggins versus the public-interest-y Team Sheth-Nunziata. LEWW is feeling public-spirited this week (in a free-market sort of way), so Team Sheth-Nunziata it is. Congratulations, newlyweds!

Honorable Mention:
Vanessa Mendoza and Brandon Johnson (Harvard)
Lara Oravec and Andrew Bradt (2, WashU, Harvard)
Christine DeLorenzo and Sanket Bulsara (Harvard, Wilmer Hale)

The Rest:
Chanda Ouk and Matthew Wolf (Northeastern)
Janet Weinberg and Rosalyn Richter (Brooklyn)
Abena Sackey and Olorunfunmi Ojetayo (Maryland)
Robert Mandelbaum and Jonathan O’Donnell (2, NYU, Seton Hall)
Lara Kunschner and Joseph Ronan Jr. (NYU)
Mary Beth Houlihan and Michael Phipps (Columbia)
Laura Goodbody and Brian Cook (Georgetown)
Nadia Johnson and David Rawlinson II (University of South Carolina)
Delida Costin and Darryl Weatherspoon (BU)
Joy Warren and Tyson Pratcher (2, St. John’s, Columbia)
Lauren Galluccio and Seth Krauss (WashU)
Kiran Singh and Anthony Carino (Berkeley)
Patricia Kelly and Michael Dunne (Harvard)
Andrea Myers and Ejim Achi (Penn)
Carolyn Peterson and Theodore Nadler (Brooklyn)
Elizabeth Forsyth and Michael Langan (Harvard)
Michelle Pascucci and David Marshak (Boston U.)
Andrea Jepsen and Brett Turner (University of St. Thomas)
John Feinblatt and Jonathan Mintz (Cornell, Catholic)
Kimberly Weaver and Rory Koslow (Loyola)
Ashley Mitek and Travis McDade (Case Western Reserve)
Eileen Simpson and Philip Radford (Georgetown)
Charles Stanford and Robert Messerly (Northwestern)
Shannon Becker and Michael Green (GW, Crowell and Moring)
Nina Morrison and Carina Biggs (NYU)
Gillian Kost and Christopher Papaleo (NYLS)
Cara Swan and Jacob Lupfer (Catholic)
Madeline Chiampou and Christopher Tully Jr. (Emory)
Jessica Reimelt and David Greengrass (2, American)
Jacqueline Harrington and Andrew Holm (Michigan)
Meghan Formwalt and Taylor Shann (Cardozo)
Geri Armine-Klein and Cynthia Armine-Klein (Brooklyn)
Anika Leerssen and Chad Marriott (2, Oregon)
Richard Martin Jr. and Michael Dym (NYLS)
Patricia Barr and Pelham Straughn (GW)

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