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Massachusetts Bar Results Are Up, and We Have a Great Story of Success

Bobby Donnell

As many of you know, the results for the July administration of the Massachusetts bar exam are available. Test takers started finding out last night, and you can check for yourself on the Commonwealth Board of Bar Examiners website.

Congratulations to all those who passed.

The MA pass rates follow the same pattern you see in many states, but it is sometimes fun to take a closer look:

Everybody knows there is a huge dip in success rates between first and second time test takers, but what’s up with the rebound for people taking it a third time? I think it’s because people spend the first two times really stressing out, and studying, and making a big deal out of it, but then they show up for the third test like “f*** it,” and relieved of their self-imposed pressure, do just fine.

The other lesson here is that if you fail four times, you should probably just go back to your law school and ask for your money back.

In any event, enough about the sadness of failing the bar. Let’s talk about the joy and exhilaration of passing the bad boy….

For most of us, passing the bar was a private pleasure. A personal triumph shared with our close friends and family and… “Congratulations, but THOSE DOCUMENTS AREN’T GOING TO REVIEW THEMSELVES, SON!” (Sorry, I had a Biglaw flashback there.)

Rarely does passing the bar turn into a public party that you share with total strangers. But one MA bar passer has a success story worth remembering. We’ll call her Flypass. Here’s her story:

I learned I passed the bar in a restaurant in a very small airport. My server asked why I was so happy (after I screamed) and I told her. She announced to the restaurant, where I received applause. Later, I heard an announcement at my gate, “We would like to welcome Attorney Flypass to board. Congratulations on passing the bar!” It was great, then the drinks were free on the flight, you’re welcome fellow passengers!

Dude, not only is this an awesome way to find out that you passed, but it’s also the first positive story about air travel I’ve heard since they stopped the underwear bomber. Where can I buy a ticket on “Community Awesomeness Air”?

Congratulations to Flypass, the people on Flypass’s plane, and everybody else who passed the MA bar.

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