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Recent Bar Exam Results: Open Thread
Pennsylvania, Virginia — any others?

Today, we have news that both Virginia and Pennsyltucky Pennsylvania have released the results of the July 2011 bar exam. Our congratulations go out to everyone who passed. And for those who didn’t, better luck next time (but on the upside, it’s Friday, so it wouldn’t be completely inappropriate for you to drink yourself into a stupor today).

Here’s an open thread for discussion of July 2011 bar exam results from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and any other states that have already announced their results….

Now, I’ve heard from a few people that Pennsylvania’s test was “hard,” but even more have said that Virginia’s was straight-up brutal. And I must say, I have some serious respect for anyone who willingly took the exam while wearing the most uncomfortable testing outfit ever — a suit — and still passed with flying colors.

I think it might be fair to say that recent graduates of UVA Law can pop their collars with pride today, with their 91.37% first-time takers pass rate. Actually, don’t go popping them too high, because you got roasted by kids at a school with a lower U.S. News ranking: Washington and Lee’s first-time takers pass rate was 95.83%. Not going to gossip about that at an airport, now, are you?

But on a lighter (and less sarcastic) note, congratulations. You worked hard, you passed, and you deserve to reap all of the rewards that come with it. Go out and celebrate!

P.S. For those of you still waiting on results, you should check out ClassPoint’s “Did I Pass The Bar?” service. For just $3, they’ll let you know whether you passed within 60 seconds of the results being posted. But for just $5, you can see what a burning five dollar bill looks like (which is impressive!).

So far, they’ve got Georgia, Ohio, and Texas on the list, but they will be adding more states in the future. Might we suggest New York and California?

PA July 2011 Bar Exam Results [Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners]
VA July 2011 Bar Exam Results [Virginia Board of Bar Examiners]
Did I Pass The Bar? [ClassPoint]

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