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September Lawyer of the Month: You Like It Rough

In an installment of our Lawyer of the Month contest in which our candidates brought you sex, violence, and stupidity, we were hardly surprised that our readers chose one of our sexier competitors as the winner.

But which one? Apparently, our readers like it rough. But not too rough.

Take a look at September’s Lawyer of the Month, but please remember your safe word….

While our readers might enjoy a sexual spanking, they’re just not into snuff. That’s probably why Bruce Reilly was our second-place finisher. If only 17 more of our readers were down for blow jobs gone bad, then Bruce would have been our man.

In the alternative, our Lawyer of the Month for September is Alisha Smith, more commonly known among her clients as Alisha Sparks. She earned our Lawyer of the Day title after she was suspended from the New York Attorney General’s office for allegedly moonlighting as a dominatrix. It figures that she took the rest of our candidates, bent them over, and made them cry like little bitches before stealing the title from them.

So, readers, if you’re looking for some BDSM fun, maybe try giving Ms. Smith Sparks a call. She’s got a lot of time on her hands, and she’d probably love to have more people lining up to lick her boots (for a price).

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(hidden for your protection)

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