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Caption Contest: Have a Seat…

Some people say that you’d have to be crazy to go to law school during these times of economic instability, but people keep going. Some go because they’re delusional — they think that they’ll be in the top ten percent of the class. Some go because they’re narcissistic — they think that they’ll get to listen to themselves talk for hours on end in a law school classroom. Some go because they’re masochists — they think that they’ll get beaten by the Socratic method and the curve.

Have law schools realized that their students may need psychiatric intervention?

Here’s the photo for our latest caption contest….

Sorry, but the People’s Therapist isn’t seeing patients today. Please have a seat and wait until the doctor is in.

Same rules as always: Submit possible captions in the comments. Please try to be funny. We’ll choose our favorites — with preference given to those with a legal bent — and then let you vote for the best one.

Please submit your entries by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, at 11:59 PM (Eastern time). Thanks!

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