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Clarence Thomas Is Coming To Town


To: The Law School Community
From: Dean Robert Post
Re: Justice Clarence Thomas Visit to New Haven

I have received some inquires about a planned visit by Justice Clarence Thomas to Yale Law School. I am pleased to confirm that as part of a planned visit to New Haven on December 14th to meet with individuals outside of the Law School, Justice Thomas has accepted long-standing invitations from members of the Law School community.

In recognition of the outreach that members of our Federalist Society and Black Law Students’ Association student groups have made to Justice Thomas over several years, he has agreed to meet with members of these groups during his visit. During his time in the building, Justice Thomas has also been invited to visit a class, and I will host a private reception for Justice Thomas on the afternoon of December 14th. There are no plans for a public forum with Justice Thomas during this visit to New Haven.

We are incredibly grateful to all of the student organizations, faculty, and alumni who have worked hard to make this visit possible, and we hope to have many more opportunities to bring Justice Thomas back to the Law School in the future.

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