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Congrats, California Bar Takers; Or Condolences, as the Case May Be

At 6:00 p.m. Pacific tonight, I’ll be one of the only black guys — excuse me, Redguards — in Skyrim. But if you took the California bar exam in July, you’ll be clicking around trying to figure out if you passed.

Don’t worry, it’ll be pretty simple to find out… and if you failed, you’ll have the whole weekend to prepare before everybody knows it….

I like to imagine the California Law Examiners waiting for New Jersey to get its act together and then publish the Cali results, so California could be the last big state to announce results.

But one probably doesn’t have anything to do with the other. The State Bar of California matter-of-factly states that the results will be searchable tonight for those who took the exam.

The public results are out on Sunday.

So, come here to talk about it when the results go up. Congratulations to those who level-up. Condolences for those who need to re-start from a prior save.

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