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Former Hofstra 1L Accused of Impersonating a Psychiatrist

Maybe Amora Rachelle missed the day they talked about fraud statutes at Hofstra Law?

There is a crazy story coming out of Long Island, my homeland, about Rachelle, a woman who was arrested for fraud for posing as a psychiatrist and billing insurance companies despite not having a medical license. Rachelle already made the news for secretly videotaping her ex-husband/rabbi meeting with prostitutes on the Sabbath.

But Hofstra students simply know her as the 1L who always wore green….

Rachelle’s story reminds me of Kristen Wiig’s SNL character, Penelope. Here’s what Rachelle was arrested for, from the Bellmore Patch:

The ex-wife of a Bellmore rabbi, who had secretly videotaped her ex-husband meeting with prostitutes on the Sabbath, was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly posed as a psychiatrist and billed an insurance company despite not having a medical license.

Amora Rachelle, 35, formerly of Atlantic Beach, was arrested Tuesday in Westbury by DA investigators and charged with grand larceny in the third degree, falsifying business records in the first degree, scheme to defraud in the first degree, offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree, and unauthorized practice, all felonies.

Rachelle is well remembered by her former Hofstra classmates. A tipster reports:

She always wore green to class…every day and apparently never returned for her 3L year. She told everyone she was a Ph.D. from Harvard. She had a full scholarship and the family law fellowship. (her linked in profile says she went to Medical School too)… At our orientation three years ago it was mentioned that there was a Doctor with a Ph.D in psychology in our class…doesn’t anyone check up on this stuff!?

But another tipster claims Rachelle didn’t make it far into her 2L year at Hofstra:

Former Hofstra Law Student (attended 1L year, saw her only the first 2 days of 2L, haven’t heard anything about her until this weekend) arrested for practicing psychology without a license.

Maybe this was one law student Hofstra paid to go away?

Actually, Hofstra Law admitted quite the felonious group of law students. From a tipster:

This is the second person at my 1L orientation from Hofstra to be facing serious jail time [if convicted] and we didn’t even graduate yet. The first one was Evan Sachs… for [allegedly] stabbing a child randomly at Dave and Busters.

The tipster’s not lying, the Merrick Patch has that story from last year:

Sachs had been on several medications, some of which had been recently changed, at the time of stabbing, one of his attorneys said last month.

Sachs, who worked as an usher at a Farmingdale movie theater, enrolled in Hofstra Law School in August 2009 before dropping out a few months later.

Dude, is Hofstra Law admissions operating on a first-come, first-served basis?

Grand Jury Indicts Sachs for Attempted Murder [Merrick Patch]
Rabbi’s Ex-Wife Arrested For Practicing Psychology Without License [Bellmore Patch]

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