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Have You Signed Up for the Research Corner?

Have you been searching for a way to resolve your in-house e-discovery matters? Are you hoping to find the latest document review solution? Is early case assessment a problem in your office? Thanks to the introduction of the Research Corner, Above the Law may be able to assist you with all of these issues.

When you sign up for the Research Corner, you will gain access to white papers, reports, and analysis from leading legal technology companies. Some of the exciting topics in the Research Corner include:

  • Datacert: Customer Success Story – Walmart
  • Dell DX & Symantec Solution Brief: Store, Manage, and Discover Critical Business Information with a Complete Archiving Solution
  • FTI Consulting: The End of Piecemealing: Improving All-in-One Document Review Offerings
  • Guidance Software: Choosing the Right In-House Electronic Discovery Solution for Your Organization
  • Mitratech: Technology Platform for Legal Department
  • Nuix: A Step-by-Step Guide to Early Case Assessment (ECA)
  • TCDI: Concept Technology for Streamlining Document Review

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the Research Corner today by clicking here.