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Let’s Help This Law Student Find His Missed Connection

It’s the great downside of Halloween. You meet a girl, you like her, things seem to be going well. And then, poof, she’s gone. And because she was in costume, you don’t even know what her face looks like, the color of her hair, or if those were her real breasts.

It’s heartbreaking.

But we live in the internet age, where Craigslist has devised a partial solution for these situations: the Missed Connections page. And this one should be easier to match than most, because he actually knows the woman’s name.

Let’s help this stalker these two law students out. It’s Halloween, a much better time for hot love than whatever boring-ass sex people are having around Valentine’s Day….

This missed connection happened at a Halloween party at Columbia Law School. Not all CLS students mark the holiday by attending debates about eminent domain.

The note is simple but lovely:

I think this is sweet. My inelastic arteries haven’t calcified to the point that I can’t appreciate the story of two kids in love (or one horny kid chasing after a girl who tried to politely disappear in lieu of calling the cops, as the case may be).

Help ’em out. And please send in Halloween pics by Thursday night for your chance to win some ATL swag. We’ve already received some fun submissions. And remember, you can redact your face (or we can do it for you if you weren’t wearing a mask).

Columbia Law Marquee Halloween Cookie Monster – m4w – 32 (Midtown) [Craigslist]

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