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Morning Docket: 11.15.11

Kim Kardashian

* Deborah Batts, the first openly gay judge to serve on the federal bench, got married this weekend. We hope she doesn’t become the first openly gay federal judge to get divorced. [New York Times]

* Things are getting hairy for Kim Kardashian, and not just because she’s Armenian. A hair removal company is suing her, saying she’s lying about how she gets all of that hair off her body. [Fox News]

* Lori David: she’s every teenage boy’s dream, and every mother’s nightmare. A hot Texas mom has been banned from the internet after sexting naked pictures to her son’s friend. [Daily Mail]

Let’s see what else the ladies are up to this morning….

Lori David

* IMDb’s conduct may be “immoral,” “malicious,” “unscrupulous,” “outrageous,” etc., but they say that the over-the-Hollywood-hills actress who’s suing them is just plain “selfish.” [Boston Globe]

* In other crazy bitch news, whose ass did diva Patti LaBelle beat this time? She’s being sued after allegedly cursing out a toddler’s mom and throwing water on her kid. [Washington Post]

* A mistrial’s been declared in the case of a woman punched into a coma over a parking spot. Insert obligatory “women can’t drive” joke here. [New York Daily News]

* How is a pregnant woman involved in a hit-and-run going to change your life? If this lady loses her lawsuit, you’ll never have to worry about your take-out being late ever again. [New York Post]

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