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Morning Docket: 11.16.11

* One of the reasons that members of Congress are so filthy rich is because they’re only technically breaking the law, but Scott Brown wants to try to curb Congressional “insider trading.” [CBS News]

* In other Congressional news, pizza is now considered a vegetable. And fat people the world over rejoiced by stuffing their faces and continuing to clog their arteries. But not me, because goddamn do I hate pizza. [MSNBC]

* MMA fighters sue, saying the ban on fighting in the state of New York is unconstitutional. If beating someone’s face in is an art form, then Anderson Silva is this generation’s Picasso. [New York Daily News]

Find out whose face the Spider should beat next, after the jump….

* Steven Baum’s firm doesn’t want to vouch for the accuracy of its foreclosure filings. Why waste time when they could be planning next year’s offensive Halloween party? [New York Law Journal]

* Pace Law School will be launching a solo incubator. But do they care more about assisting low-income clients or goosing their post-graduate employment statistics? [National Law Journal]

* Should bloggers be protected under the same shield laws as journalists? This Iowa Law student’s analysis has given me a new appreciation for our commenters. [Iowa City Press-Citizen]

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