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Quote of the Day: You’re Not the Only One

I genuinely dislike Jose Baez.

Jeff Ashton, former Florida prosecutor in the Casey Anthony case, commenting in his new book, Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony (affiliate link), on how he really feels about her lead attorney, Jose Baez.

(More of Ashton’s less-than-complimentary commentary on Baez, after the jump.)

This is what Ashton really wants the world to know about Baez:

He calls Anthony’s lead defense attorney “smarmy” and a “consummate salesman” with “unearned arrogance.” …

In writing about Casey Anthony defense attorney Cheney Mason, Ashton wrote that he hoped his late joining of the defense team “would class up the defense team’s tactics” and raise Baez to Mason’s level of professionalism. Instead, he wrote, “Baez seemed to bring Cheney down to his.”

The book is especially critical of Baez, but Baez so far has not responded to requests for a comment or response to Ashton’s writing and comments.

Sure, he might act like a used car salesman and his moral compass may be broken, but after his unexpected slam dunk victory in the Anthony case, Baez can probably afford to act like an a$$hole.

Jeff Ashton interview: ‘Caylee did not die by accident’ [Orlando Sentinel]
Book by Casey Anthony Prosecutor Is ‘Relentless, Scathing and Blunt’ [ABA Journal]

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