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Associate Bonus Watch: Shearman & Sterling

As they say in the Pokémon movie, you gotta catch ’em all.

That’s how we approach bonus news here at Above the Law. Today is shaping up as a day that will be full of bonus news. We’ve heard some rumblings about some big, Cravath topping bonuses at a well known shop, but for now, we’ve got a standard Cravath match.

Shearman & Sterling, come on down. You’re on “The Price Is Meh”…

Our tipsters are just emailing and texting (646-820-TIPS) into Above the Law to tell us that Shearman has effectively matched Cravath. If you have the full memo, throw it our way.

Readers say Shearman will by paying its bonuses on January 13th. I’m placing Martin Luther King Day as the over/under mark for when firms will decide to stop this low ball bonus stuff and come out with spring bonuses. Will Shearman associates only have to look at their underwhelming bonuses for a few days before Shearman announces much better spring bonuses?

One friend at Shearman who texted me said: “I bet the Sterling Cooper bonuses were better.” Buddy, the minute you start trying to live your life according to Mad Men is the minute you set yourself up for disappointment.

Any additional thoughts, Shearman associates? And if you have additional bonus news today, send it in. We’re expecting a lot of news today.

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