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Behind the Breast Implants: A Look into the Life of Tamara Tanzillo

Tamara Tanzillo

Yesterday, we brought you the titillating tale of Tamara Tanzillo. In case you haven’t been following along, Tanzillo, an Illinois attorney, has been accused of a number of racy, ethical transgressions, all of which were detailed in our prior coverage.

Attorneys with breast implants and alleged exhibitionist tendencies are apparently the key to success in the law blogging world, because the story went viral. Readers have requested more information about our favorite Boss Lady, and we are more than happy to oblige.

Read on to get all of the details about this fiery, legal redhead — including her bra size….

On her own website, Tanzillo describes herself as follows: “Experienced Chicago Attorney. Compassionate. Tenacious. Determined. Cheerful.” We think she may have forgotten to add “Batshit Insane” (as one of our commenters opined).

Before we get to the rest of the sweater meat and potatoes of this exposé, let’s see what some of our other commenters had to say about Tanzillo. One saw her speak at her alma mater, Chicago-Kent College of Law, and provided this color commentary:

She came to a recruiting event at Chicago-Kent to give a talk. Didn’t get wasted or anything, but bragged about her budget being in the millions. Came off as kind of dumb and ditzy.

Millions, huh? That must be how she was able to afford her brand-new breast implants. Boss Lady was kind enough to detail the reasons why she opted for breast augmentation surgery on her blog, Red Letter Law, but it appears that after this vixen set the blogging world on fire yesterday, she removed the entry.

Thank you, oh wonderous Google Cache, for bringing it back to life. Tanzillo noted that “[w]earing a larger bra size has no correlation to [her] intelligence.” So why the need for the boob job?

My self-image wasn’t all that bad when I elected to have the surgery. But, I have to admit. I really love the girls. I didn’t alter my appearance to please anyone else or change my image in the eyes of others. I did it for me.

Aww, she did it for herself. Girl power! And lots of it — she “ma[de her] reasonable 38Cs into 40DDs.” But we’re willing to bet that her self-image went straight into the toilet when she found out that one of her implants had deflated:

I looked at myself in every angle possible. Was I dreaming? Was the lighting bad? The touch test confirmed my worst fears. My right girl was down. How did this happen? I had no trauma. They have not even been visited for a very long time. Yet, I was now wide awake and left to deal with a huge and a less huge dilemma. What am I going to do?

Why should you continue to care about Tanzillo when her breasts are lopsided?

Because she informed the world via Twitter that she had them fixed:

So what happens when you’re post-op and you want to get a little crazy? Well, we all need a little “wang2mouth” action from time to time….

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