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Career Center: Job Hunting Tips for the Holiday Season

Most of us correlate this time of year with holiday cheer, happiness, and general festivity. However, if you find yourself looking for a job in December, it can be a little disheartening. Employers, if they are not taking time off, focus their efforts on end of the year wrap-up. Although hiring may seem slow during the holiday season, don’t consider it a total loss.

Check out these holiday job-hunting tips from Lateral Link that will be sure to help you keep your chin up, and your hope of landing a new job alive….

1. Be patient!
You know the saying: good things come to those who wait. In this case, good things come to those who are persistent and patient! Lateral hiring often picks in January. Firm bonuses have been paid, associates leave, and employers are eager to fill positions vacated by those who take their money and run! If you feel your efforts have gone unnoticed during the holidays, don’t quit. Push through to January, and be patient. Follow up with employers every ten to fifteen days, especially after the New Year. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize!

2. Do your research.
You know the basics involving employer research. Make sure that you take it a step further. Pay attention to industry publications’ recent news. Keep an eye on both new start up opportunities, as well as the condition of the market. Also, make sure you know more about the employer with which you are applying than solely the type of work you would be doing. General knowledge about the entire firm will show that you are seriously invested.

3. Go out!
Meeting up with friends and family during the holidays can serve dual roles, both fulfilling your family obligations as well as building your network. Maybe Uncle Doug knows a friend who is hiring. Take advantage of your connections and meet new people. You never know what CEO or managing partner is friends with your aunt’s dog walker.

4. Get merry.
Focusing on spreading holiday cheer and happiness can help you land a job. Take a moment to send a seasonal note to your networking contacts. Shooting a quick email asking how they are doing may create a spark that could land you a job. Given the current market, employment can be largely based on who you know. So get into the holiday spirit — it certainly can’t hurt!

5. Volunteer.
Take your festivus attitude and pay it forward. Volunteer wherever your services are needed. Volunteering will look great on your résumé, and you never know who you will meet while helping out at the local salvation army or food pantry.

6. Take a load off.
We all know that the holidays can be difficult for many reasons. Don’t feel like you need to spend all day, every day job searching. Yes, you should put in a solid effort, but don’t make yourself crazy in the process. Everyone deserves a vacation, even you. Regardless of if you are working or currently looking for a new job, daily stress affects us all. Take some time to decompress and focus on yourself. Take a trip, go to a show, or take your significant other out on the town. Relaxing for a while will help you recharge so you can refocus your efforts in the New Year.

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