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Don’t Call Her ‘Reema’: Say Hello to ‘Nicki Bajaj’

Nicki Bajaj and Nicki Minaj

Somebody please tell him who the eff I is
I am Nicki [Bajaj], I mack them dudes up
Back coupes up, and chuck the deuce up.

(I have no idea what “macking … dudes up” involves. I just hope it’s legal in the state of Illinois.)

Is Reema Bajaj, the attractive solo practitioner accused of practicing more than law, trying to capitalize on the fame of Nicki Minaj, the rapper-singer-songwriter behind such hits as Super Bass (quoted supra)? It seems that Bajaj, the comely young Illinois lawyer who’s going to trial in March 2012 on prostitution charges, has rebranded herself as “Nicki Bajaj.”

Let’s hear from a tipster, and check out the exciting new website of Reema — er, Nicki — Bajaj….

Here’s what a tipster told us:

Take a look at Reema’s website [yes it’s safe for work]. It would appear that she moved her office and has suckered some law students into clerking for her.

And decided to go by the alias of Nicki. How amusing. March should be an interesting month for Ms. Bajaj.

Nicki Bajaj fka Reema Bajaj

In fairness to Bajaj, there is a factual basis for the name change. If you visit her profile on the website of the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission — which shows her as a member in good standing of the state bar, by the way — you’ll see that her full name is “Reema Nicki Bajaj.” So she didn’t make this moniker up out of whole cloth; in fact, it seems that she’s been going by this name for years. As we previously reported, she went by “Nicki” at Northern Illinois University College of Law, where she received her law degree.

As noted by our source, it appears that Bajaj has moved offices. She used to work in Sycamore, but now she’s based in the nearby town of Maple Park, per her website.

And yes, Bajaj has also expanded her staff. Her prior website mentioned no other team members, but her current website touts three colleagues, a burly legal assistant named Justin and two (rather cute) law student volunteers. Perhaps they found her as a result of the publicity generated by her prosecution?

This quotation on her website impressed us:

(How things look “in the end” seems like something Nicki Minaj would also emphasize.)

One can’t help noticing how these words would apply perfectly to Bajaj’s own legal plight. Perhaps her lawyer, David Camic of Camic Johnson, used them to reassure Reema during her darkest hours?

You can read all about Nicki Bajaj and her colleagues, and see their photos, in the Biography section of her website. As we’ve noted before in our defense of her, she seems too innocent and sweet to be a lady of the night — and her website bio supports this impression. When she’s not practicing law, she enjoys “watching movies, reading, and spending time with my family and friends.” Do those sound like the hobbies of a prostitute? Methinks not.

UPDATE (5:15 PM): In the comments, readers have pointed out such items as Nicki Bajaj’s discount for veterans — “As a thank you to all those who have served and do serve in any branch of the military, Attorney Bajaj offers discounted rates to those who can show they have served this country.” — and her blog, Ask Nicki, where she takes reader questions.

We opened with a musical quotation, so let’s close with one as well:

Oh Nicki you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind.
Hey Nicki! Hey Nicki!

Let’s just hope that minds are the only things she’s blowing these days. Best of luck to Nicki Bajaj in building her practice and beating the rap.

P.S. The video for Super Bass by Nicki Minaj is awesome. We’ve embedded it at the very end of this post for your enjoyment.

UPDATE (12/20/11): Some commenters think I have some grudge against Reema Bajaj because I write so frequently about her. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, as I have previously stated on multiple occasions, I believe she is innocent. Second, although I haven’t made up my mind completely on this, I am inclined to think that prostitution should be decriminalized — so that what Bajaj allegedly did should not even be a crime. Third, I write about Bajaj so often simply because of keen reader interest (and traffic); if you want fewer stories about Reema Bajaj, please stop clicking on the ones we do post. Thanks.

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Nicki Minaj: Super Bass [YouTube]
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