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Law School Claims Potato Chip Tester/Taster Job Was Fictitious

Crushed dreams of employment.

On Friday, we brought you what could be classified as one of the worst law jobs of all time: a job as an unpaid potato chip tester/taster.

And much like the side effects of eating an Olestrafied potato chip, the law school in question has announced that the notorious job was full of crap….

As we all know, the law school that posted this questionable job listing is Widener Law School. When we wrote about this job last week, our commenters had a field day (e.g., “Who says law grads have trouble with chicks. These Widener grads get tons of Lays!”).

Today, however, several tipsters informed us that the law school is now claiming that the job was a fake. Widener Law News & Events has more:

A fictitious job opportunity created for testing purposes and posted on Widener Law’s job bank for a short period Dec. 8 was not meant to cause confusion.

The posting, for a volunteer potato chip tester/taster, was created within the Career Development Office for training purposes, in an effort to assist an employer who wanted to learn more about the online job bank system. The employer was looking to understand how the job bank functions in preparation for a posting, said LeaNora Ruffin, assistant dean for career development.

The test should have been conducted in a way that was shielded from student view, however it was only live on the job bank for approximately 90 minutes. It was immediately deleted at the conclusion of the test.

“That job was not real,” Ruffin said. “We apologize for any confusion. We were simply trying to aid an employer with an eye for enhancing student opportunities.”

First of all, let me just say that this allegedly fictitious job opportunity did not “cause confusion.” It caused outrage — pure, unadulterated outrage. You try taking out $100K+ in student loans to go to law school, seeing this gem served up by career services on a silver chip and dip platter, and then tell me how you feel. Here’s one tipster’s take on the debacle:

Are there no job opportunities for Widener grads because the Career Services office doesn’t know how to post them? Or does the Career Services office not know how to post job opportunities for Widener grads because there aren’t any?

Which brings me to my next point: why on earth did the career services office think that creating a listing for an unpaid potato chip tester/taster would be helpful to any employer looking to “enhanc[e] student opportunities”? Is Widener (or “Waistline Widener,” as one of our commenters put it) in the frequent practice of placing ridiculous “opportunities” like this in its job bank?

Widener Law needs to get a clue (come on, it was a job to taste old chips, have some class), or get a better handle on ways to cover up career services nightmares. Either way, that’s the way the cookie — or in this case, potato chip — crumbles.

School official explains online job posting [Widener Law News & Events: Delaware & Harrisburg]

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