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Let’s Get Ready For Finals

For most law students, finals start this week. For the class of 2014 1Ls, it’s their first finals period.

Good luck to all.

I had a very strict, almost superstitious, regimen to get myself in the mood to take a series of eight hour exams for 100% of my grade. Before finals period, I would watch the fight at the end of the first Rocky. Because the point of finals period isn’t necessarily to win, it’s to go the distance.

My motto was always, “you can learn a lot in eight hours.” My school generally had eight hour take-home exams for 100% of your grade.

The students at Rutgers Law about to encounter their first finals period have a different sort of motto. It’s a very good one….

On the day of any exam, I would get my ass to McDonald’s for two bacon, egg & cheese biscuits and two hash browns. I’d happily stroll into the exam pick-up room with my food, sipping coffee, giving off this vibe of “this is going to be easy.” Everybody has a mind game to play when you’re graded on a curve.

Then I’d go home and play a Rocky playlist while I read the questions and organized my notes and thoughts for at least a half hour before I started writing.

Ah, good times. I was so good at school. It’s the real world that is so very crappy.

This video was made by some Rutgers Law students. It’s a younger generation. These kids, it’s like they don’t know that finals are a damn show; they think finals are a damn fight.

A fight, for survival:

I don’t hear no fat lady!

Good luck Rutgers and all law students. Make it happen.

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