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Like a Virgin, Deposed for the Very First Time

Always good for a laugh.

Well, we’ve got somebody who should be a late entrant into our Lawyer of the Year contest. He is Houston attorney Paul Waldner. He’s a partner at Vikery, Waldner & Mallia, which is an arm of Justice Seekers in Texas. He is a man who brings the funny with him to the deposition room.

Paul Waldner is a man who asks questions like: “So, your jurisprudential hymen is being ruptured?”

Oh, you think I’m joking? No sir, I have video!

And really, the witness’s answer might have been better than the question….

This video was apparently posted to YouTube in March. I don’t know why nobody sent it to us until today, but whatever — its awesomeness is not diminished by time. Speaking of time, the video is just a little longer than a minute. It’s well worth the click:

Major props to the “good doctor” witness. First of all, he really doesn’t seem that amused with Waldner’s antics. Which is right. It sucks being deposed, and he doesn’t have to act like he’s enjoying it.

And his response is so well done. What a classy way to say, “Hey, Law Clown, stop raping me.”

P.S. For another classic deposition on YouTube, check out this clip.

Best Deposition Question Ever [YouTube]

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