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Quote of the Day: Wait, Who Should We Call?

I suggest you dial 1-800-REALITY.

Joe Amendola, attorney for accused child predator Jerry Sandusky, suggesting in a press conference held earlier today that a reality check was in order for anyone who believes Mike McQueary witnessed a rape, reported it, and nothing was done about it.

(So what is 1-800-REALITY? It’s pretty amazing, actually. Find out after the jump.)

As noted by Deadspin, 1-800-REALITY is a a gay sex hotline. We called in, and this is the message we heard:

Hey guys, welcome to the hottest place for triple-X action. Get ready for bulge-bursting pleasure with horny gay, bi, and bi-curious studs. Just 99 cents per minute for voice personals and amateur talk, and only $2.99 per minute for live, one-on-one talk with a hot guy who will do anything you want. Brought to you by National. You must be over 18. Enter your credit card now to join the fun!

If this is who his lawyer calls, we’d hate to see what’s on Sandusky’s speed dial. And just in case you want to hear it for yourself (NSFW):

Given that both Jerry Sandusky and Joe Amendola have allegedly had problems in this area, maybe someone should have told them that their partners must be over 18.

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